It’s that time of year again- when we use our nation’s birthdate as an excuse to drink in excess, eat lots of unhealthy food, and blow shit up. What could possibly be more American than that? In addition to all your weekend plans that my involve any combination of those activities, here are some good shows you might consider checking in out if you’re around Nashville.


We Were the States, Heartbeater, Mom & Dad, The Grayces @ The End. 9pm $5

My So-Called Band: The Ultimate 90’s Summer Jam @ Mercy Lounge. 9pm $10 ($12 DOS)


Hanni El Khatib w/ Sex Bombs and Rebel Surfers @ The End. 9pm $8


The Coathangers, Feral Beat, Denny & The Jets @ The Basement. 9pm 21+ $5 (It’s the Basement’s pre July 4th weenie roast with FREE hotdogs till they run out!)


Brandon Jazz presents: 8 off 8th, AMERICA STYLE ft. BJ & His Armed Forces, Bravo Max, Tesla Rossa, The Billy Goats, Dungeon Honey, Tex Rambunctious, Uncle Sam @ Mercy Lounge. 9pm FREE 21+ (This will be the debut of Brandon Jazz’s new music video for “Deal With It.”

That’s it. Have a great weekend, blow some stuff up (not yourself!), party hard, and don’t get arrested.


The official national “blow shit up” holiday weekend is about to commence, and I’m sure you’ve already made plans of how/when/where you’re going to blow shit up. So here’s a list of good shows to attend when you’re not blowing shit up this weekend:

TONIGHT- I’ll be at the Comfies EP release show at the End, which also features Tristen and probably another band, but that band hasn’t been listed anywhere that I can find. Regardless, this will be a good show.
Also if you’re in Murfreesboro tonight, Chris Freeman is back in town for the summer and is playing a show at Liquid Smoke, while just down the block Henry Daggs is playing at Wallstreet. You could probably dash back & forth if you really wanted to…

SATURDAY- Break out your old flannel and ripped jeans from high school and wear them to My So-Called Band: the Ultimate 90’s Experience at Mercy Lounge. Or check out Henry Rollins at TPAC’s Jackson Hall. Or check out Dave Cloud, Diet Blood, Marj!, Square People, and Deluxin’ at Open Lot.

For the 4th, there’s really no excuse to not be at Mercy Lounge for the Nashville Cream/Vienna Beef sponsored “National Hot Dog Month Kickoff Party.” I’ll be doing a photobooth, you can watch the always-awesome downtown fireworks from Mercy’s kickass balcony, AND be treated to the sounds of Ghostfinger, Heartbeater, Alcohol Stuntband, and the Armed Forces, all MC-ed by Chris Crofton. And one more thing- everyone gets a free hot dog. All this for the patriotic price of $5. ($8 if you’re 18-20.) Doors open at 7pm so be sure to get there early, because everyone will be elbowing for a good spot to watch the fireworks from on the patio, and the fireworks generally start around 9 or 930pm. The bands will start immediately after the fireworks.

Last but not least, I must mention this “WTF” moment… since I posted a bunch “WTFs” yesterday. Here’s a video from Beck’s Record Club, featuring Beck, Thurston Moore, and Tortoise covering Yanni. YES, YANNI. Yanni’s Live at the Acropolis to be exact. I’m speechless. (Via You Ain’t No Picasso)

We’ve been sitting on this one for several days now, but the time is finally here. I apologize for all the shameless self-promotion as of late, but fuck it. Here it is, the feel-good hit of the summer in two-thousand WIN, Bottle Rocket by Powerbrrrd. It’s available in full 1080p HD if you click on through to the youtube page.

Good job, Powerbrrrd.