As most native Nashvillians are painfully aware, it’s CMApocalypse weekend. And although Morgan and Christy have been too busy to regularly update Nashvillest like they once did, they have indeed returned this week for one of their most popular ideas- CMApocalypse Bingo! So give that a look and have a few laughs, then check out my non-CMA show picks for this weekend. We have plenty of great rock shows to see, just be sure to allow plenty of extra driving time because traffic will be a nightmare all weekend. :-/


Forget Cassettes, Hanzelle, DAMS, and Fielded @ Exit/In. 9pm $10

Sleepy Kitty, Bows and Arrows, Cigarette Trees, and The School @ The End. 9pm $7

Tipper Whore, Stevie Binge & the Fork Hunts, and Choking Sickness @ Springwater. 10pm $5 21+

Orchard Lounge, This Is Art, and Quiet Entertainer @ Mercy Lounge. 9pm $10


Ri¢hie, Kidd Ramius, and BF/GF Sex @ The Basement. 9pm $5 21+

The Hannah Barbarians, Gunther Doug, and Couched @ The High Watt. 9pm $5

My So-Called Band @ Mercy Lounge. 9pm $15

Bad Cop, Todayshits, and Majestico @ The Stone Fox. 9pm $7


Jacuzzi Boys, D. Watusi, Cy Barkley & The Way Outsiders, and Weekend Babes @ The End. 9pm $7

10years-1It’s hard to believe it was over 10 years ago when I was at a college party in Murfreesboro, TN and my roommate Blake had introduced me to Cal Dykes, this synthesizer-obsessed dude who lived with his friends Lance McDonald and Andy Stella- all of them were in the recording industry major at MTSU. At that party he showed us a couple of new vintage Moog synths he had either just bought or was working on… and also excitedly told us about this new band he was starting called The Protomen, and that they were gonna make epic rock-opera-esque music based on the backstory of the videogame Mega Man. I then attended their debut live show on April 26th, 2003 (or it might’ve been Fri. the 25th…) at The Boro and had my mind blown. Little did I know what an amazing ten years lay ahead for these dudes. This Saturday The Protomen celebrate their 10-year anniversary at Mercy Lounge, with another ally who’s been there from the beginning- the inimitable Makeup And Vanity Set. And rounding out the bill is Hanzelle, another synth-heavy troupe that originally hailed from Murfreesboro.

Now that I’ve gotten my little trip down memory lane out of the way, here are my picks for shows to see this weekend in Nashville!


The Sword, Kyng, and Laser Flames on the Great Big News @ Exit/In. 9pm $17

Magnolia Sons, Star and Micey, and Strung Like A Horse @ The 5 Spot. 9pm $5

The Weeks album release w/ Junior Astronomers @ Mercy Lounge. 9pm $12


The Protomen 10-year anniversary show w/ Makeup And Vanity Set and Hanzelle @ Mercy Lounge. 9pm $12 adv/$14 DOS

Ri¢hie, Cannomen, and Fragments of God @ The Stone Fox. 9pm

That’s it- have a great weekend!

Before I get to the show listings for this weekend, I feel compelled to share this awesome video from Daft Punk, who you should know by now are releasing a new album on May 31st called Random Access Memories. They collaborated with quite a few notable players in the electronic music world, and created a series of short bio films introducing each one. The first is the legendary Giorgio Moroder:

Now for what’s going down in Nashville this weekend-


Ponychase, Photo Ops, and Pale Houses (new project from Aaron Robinson) @ The Basement. 9pm $5 21+

BlackTooth Records Black-Out ft. Fly Golden Eagle, Chrome Pony, and “many more” @ Mercy Lounge. 9pm $5

Caveman w/ Pure Bathing Culture @ The High Watt. 9pm $10

Terry Fest ft. Tom Pappas Collection, Hurts To Laugh, Static Trees, Adam Hill & His Sunday Best, and more @ Mad Donna’s Music Loft. 9pm $???


Forget Cassettes, Tristen, and TORRES @ Mercy Lounge. 9pm $10 (I thought this was the release show for Forget Cassettes’ O Cursa on vinyl but no one seems to be mentioning that anywhere…)

The Sundresses, Hotel War, Mystery Twins, and Justin & The Cosmics @ The End. 9pm $6

Hollow Ox, Lone Official, and Faux Ferocious @ The Stone Fox. 9pm $5

That’s I all I have! Have a great weekend!

A Few Good Shows: 9/14/12

September 14, 2012

It’s a rock explosion, get it?

This weekend, specifically tonight, is a Nashville rock show explosion. Shit’s officially gettin’ crazy. But this is a good problem to have. I’d much rather be stressed about which awesome band or show to see, than be sad and depressed that no good tours are coming through town. Here are some shows that I’d see… now if I could only clone myself and see them all….


Built To Spill, Helvetia, Sister Crayon @ Exit/In. 9pm $20 (SOLD OUT)

Metric, w/ Half Moon Run @ The Ryman. 7:30pm $30

Makeup & Vanity Set, Sugar Sk*-*lls, Robocotopus, and Afrosaxon @ Richland Ballrom. (4208 Murphy Rd.) $3

Little Bandit EP release w/ Derek Hoke and Birdcloud @ The 5 Spot. 9pm $5 21+

The Biddies, Phil Hummer & The White Falcons, The Maloneys @ Zombie Shop. 8pm $???


Beach House and Dustin Wong @ Marathon Music Works. 8pm $22

Conestyle album release show w/ Yautja and No Christmas @ The End. 9pm $5

Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes, Lulu Mae, and Neulore @ Exit/In. 9pm $5


Turbo Fruits Big Shred/Album Release/party @ the Groove Records. 2pm/FREE. Their label Serpents & Snakes are throwing a big ass pig roast and party to celebrate the release of their album Butter. The band will play as well. More info on facebook.

Of course there’s the Americana Music Festival, which has been happening since Wednesday. My taste for what’s generally referred to as Americana is somewhat limited, so I’ve stopped short of posting all the various lineups and showcases here. Their website has the full listing and info on wristbands, etc… so please check it out if you’re interested in any of their offerings!

Have a great weekend!

Nashville has some newcomers worth taking note of: Anchor Thieves. Their debut album Prerequisite is available for free download at bandcamp. They are tagged with “alternative indie minimalist lo-fi rock pop” and I’d say that’s a decent approximation.

You probably could care less about this, but I made a mash tun out of a cooler last weekend, and this weekend I will be brewing my first all-grain batch of beer. Let’s hope everything works out.

Now, here’s what I think you should be doing this weekend:


Deerhoof, Ben Butler, Mousepad, Nervous Cop *update* Ben Butler & Mousepad, R. Stevie Moore @ Mercy Lounge. 9pm. Why this is a 4-band bill is beyond me. When you have a well-established touring band headlining, there’s really no need to have more than 2 openers, IMO. Turns out Nervous Cop didn’t play, Ben Butler & Mousepad are 1 band, and R. Stevie Moore opened, which was a pleasant surprise!

Cheer Up Charlie Daniels, Buffalo Clover, and Young Hines @ the 5 Spot. 9pm $5


Dr. Dog, Head & The Heart, Buried Beds @ The Cannery. 9pm $18 adv/$20 DOS.

Tokyo Police Club, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin @ Exit/In. 9pm $15.

Twin Tigers, Diarrhea Planet, Kingston Springs, Weakness @ The End. 10pm $5

Have a great weekend!

First of all, I feel I must comment on the supposed “new zodiac” calendar that took the internet and twitter by storm yesterday. First of all, nothing in this story is new at all. The wobble of the earth’s axis of rotation, called precession, has been occurring and always will be occurring on a constant basis. The sun has constantly (albeit VERY slowly) been changing which constellation it’s been “in” on a given date ever since the earth formed about 4 billion years ago! This whole thing should simply be taken as glaring evidence that Astrology really is utter and complete nonsense. There is absolutely no way that the constellation the sun happens to be in front of when you were born could have any effect on your personality whatsoever. If you believe that, you might as well believe the earth is flat and that a little female humanoid with wings comes fluttering by to take away a child’s baby teeth when they fall out. (HT: Kottke and Bad Astronomy)

Now, let’s get down to what you should be getting down to this weekend:


Duh. Guided By Voices and Times New Viking are at the Cannery. 9pm, $30 walk-up

The David Bowie tribute show originally scheduled for Monday was moved to tonight at Mercy Lounge. Featuring Heavy Cream, Big Surr, Diahrrea Planet, Milktooth, Paper Machete, Peter Barbee, Junkyard Girls, and Erin Manning. FREE, 21+, 9pm

The Dynamites ft. Charles Walker @ Exit/In. $15, 9pm


Duh. Of course you’re coming to La Paz Late Night Presents: FREEZE OUT!

But if you really must do something else…

The Walkmen are at Exit/In. $17 adv./$19 DOS

East Cameron Folkcore, w/ Jacob Jones, The Clones @ the 5 Spot. $5, 21+, 9pm


I’ll go ahead and mention now that Mercy Lounge is having their annual week-long birthday bash next week. Check their calendar for the list of awesome free shows happening all week long.