Pardon me for the shameless self-promotion here, but there’s a great show this Saturday happening at The End and I’m proud to be part of it. My Weezer cover band, Cio Cio San & The Half-Japanese Girls, is playing, along with Foxcore (a Sleater-Kinney tribute ft. members of Heavy Cream and Take The Power Back), Calicocat, and How Cozy!. I believe Foxcore will also be covering some That Dog songs. CCS&THJG formed over a year ago as a one-off project to play a benefit show for Southern Girls Rock & Roll Camp, but it was much fun that we decided to keep doing it every now & then just for fun. I basically learned to play guitar by learning Weezer songs, so this is possibly one of the funnest things I’ve ever been a part of. We will play last, but please come early and support all the bands on the bill. And if you’re heading to the Archers of Loaf show at Mercy Lounge, why not pop on over to The End afterward and fuel the already burning 90s nostalgia buzz you’ll have going? The AOL show will no doubt be over by 1130ish, and we will probably go on around midnight, so come on over afterward and belt out El Scorcho with us!

Facebook event:

First and foremost, I must self-promote for just a moment. This Saturday night will be the 3rd installment of the new La Paz Late Night series hosted by myself (Burgers), Potamus, and Vitalic Noise. This month we’re doing a 90s theme and it’s going to be the most ridiculous night of unironic nostalgic pleasure you’ve seen in quite some time. We’ve got all the danceable jams you can imagine from the 90s, even a few “jock jams,” as well as lights and a projector that will be showing classic 90s films like Clueless and Reality Bites on the wall. We also have our usual cheap drink specials- $2 jello shots/$2.50 PBR tallboys/$4 margaritas. It’s a meager $2 to get in if you come in 90’s attire, $3 if you come in 2011 attire. DO IT.

Now for some other stuff to do this weekend:


Doug Stanhope w/ The Mattoid @ Exit/In. 9pm, $20

Jimmy Eat World w/ David Bazan @ the Cannery. 9pm, $25 adv./$27 DOS BUT I’M PRETTY SURE IT’S SOLD OUT.


Well duh. You’re coming to La Paz Late Night.

BUT, if you just can’t do unironic nostalgia thing, you could go see Cheap Time, D. Watusi, Slammers, and Fox Fun at Glen Danzig’s House. That’s only $2 and starts at 7pm.

Have a great weekend, but first enjoy this extremely dorky but hilarious video/song “Tonight I’m Frakkin’ You”. (Tip to the producer of the song: your vocals are way, way too loud in the mix.)

(Via io9)

Photo by Steve Cross, with editing by Jeremy Ferguson and Tristen

Nashville own indie singer/songwriter darling Tristen is featured today on Paste’s “Best of What’s Next.” Check it out here. Tristen has been doing quite a bit of touring recently as a solo act accompanied by cellist/vocalist Larissa Maestro. Her debut album will be out soon. She’s releasing it herself last I heard. Way to go Tristen!

The Polaroid film format & camera aren’t quite dead yet. As we all know, the film production was abandoned, but was recently revived again. Now a new line of re-designed cameras will be hitting the market later this year. Thank GOD. This will still be a niche market, but nostalgia is becoming more and more of a hot commodity, so I see no reason why this Polaroid resurgence won’t continue. (Via Gorilla vs Bear)

Also of photographic interest- American Pixels is a project wherein Joerg Colberg processes his photographs with a weird compression algorithm called ajpeg that doesn’t focus on preserving image quality, but on creating these rather surreal images. (Via