This weekend’s shows

December 17, 2010

Not much time this morning. Here we go:

Before we get to the show picks, I must point you toward The Nobility’s Christmas EP that just popped up on their Bandcamp page. It’s quite good, and I basically agree with everything Tracy Moore McDonald said about it in her critic’s pick for last night’s show at Bongo After Hours.


Cobra Cheetah Tiger Viper, Big Sir (Big Surr?), Richard Hirsch @ Open Lot. 9pm. $5 This is CCTV’s EP release show. I’ve heard the EP and was rather impressed.

Tim Chad and Sherry, Loose Cougar, Spaceship of the Imagination Christmas show @ the Basement. 9pm $5 (I think). This will be insane because that last band isn’t a band at all. It’s the one and only Matt Rowland (keys for Ghostfinger) with an array of keyboards playing Christmas jams. Expect the unexpected.


The annual Beatles vs. Stones cover night benefit show at the Basement. Ft. Tristen, Rayland Baxter, Reno Bo, Grimey’s Inexpensive Winos, and many more. 9pm, benefit for Toys for Tots. $7 or a toy donation.

Hans Condor, Alcohol Stuntband, Stallion @ the 5 Spot. 9pm $5.


A very British Christmas @ Mercy Lounge. I won’t try to explain this, just go to their calendar and read the description.

Have a great weekend!

Those Darlins at Bonnaroo 2009

In case you haven’t paid any attention to the interwebs the past day or two, the Bonnaroo schedule is now up. Check it out and make your own customized schedule. The Road to Bonnaroo winners are mostly on the Troo Music Lounge stage (where they were last year) except for How I Became the Bomb, who are playing at Cafe Where?. I’m unfamiliar with this… venue… as I never went there in my past 2 years of covering Bonnaroo. It’s a little lame that HIBTB, Non Comms, and Space Capone are all 3 on Sunday, while Caitlin Rose is on Thursday, but whatevs.

Tonight boasts a pretty good offering of good shows in Nashville. There’s the all-ages Nobunny/Pujol show at Third Man Records, but get there early- shit starts at 6pm. Then there’s Tristen/The Goldroom/Hammertorch/Hands Down Eugene at The End. The thing I’m most looking forward to tonight, however, is the new monthly (I think) party called JR/SR at the multi-purpose/art space Open Lot. It’s being organized by some of the same folks who brought you the La Paz dance parties a few months back. After the La Paz owners were assholes to said people, I suggested Open Lot as a possible venue for future parties/shows/etc… after reading about it in The Rabbit. Looks like it worked out, as tonight’s party boasts a killer lineup of DJs- Justin Kase, Potamus, and Secret Name, as well as full sets from Majestico and Fly Golden Eagle. Check out the facebook event page for more details.

Saturday’s show offerings look good as well- the biggest being the Those Darlins/Natural Child/Pujol/So Jazzy show at Mercy Lounge. Nikki Darlin recently took a spill and broke her arm after a show due to a dangerous combination of booze, cowboy boots, and a grassy field. Being a traveling musician/performer, she of course has no health insurance and thus faces overwhelming medical expenses, thus this show will feature some notable other local musicians filling in for her on banjolele. I’m assuming she’ll still be able to sing. The money from the show will go towards her medical expenses. Then there’s the Kelly Kerr & the Distractions album release show at FooBar… I wrote up a little review of his album last week.

The party doesn’t stop there, as local publicity stunt-whiz Brandon Jazz of the Armed Forces will be following the Westboro Baptist Church assholes around on their mini-tour of Nashville churches sunday morning, playing his song “Radical Luv” over and over in hopes of drowning them out.  If I can force myself out of bed early enough Sunday morning I’ll be with them taking some pics. Read more about it at Nashville Cream.

I also find it hilarious that every music blog has been all “OMG!!! 20 SECONDS OF THE NEW ARCADE FIRE ALBUM!!! AAAHHHEEEEE!!!”

Have a great weekend!