And The Relatives just released their first full-length album Green Machinery via Theory 8 and YK Records. I’m no professional music critic by any means, so I’ll keep it short. Get this album. The band put a lot of time and effort into this record and it shows. I must disclose that these guys are friends of mine, but again, I don’t claim to be a professional music critic. ATR’s style has always been heavily influenced by early/mid 90s indie rock, and they wear that on their sleeve. This album is anything but derivative, however. They somehow manage to inject a sense of freshness in the songs that keeps them from feeling stale. You’ll hear a little Guided By Voices, a little Built to Spill, and plenty of clever guitar riffage. Top it all with Andrew Brassel’s mellow yet rough-edged voice and just the right dose of production and you have yourself a quality album. Production-wise it’s pretty much spot-on. It was recorded at bassist Eli Beaird’s home studio, and the sounds achieved perfectly match the songs. The artwork is worth noting as well- Micheal Eades, Kyle Scudder, and BOSS Construct did a great job on the packaging, and it’s well worth it to buy the limited edition vinyl to get the full effect. If you’re short on cash, have no fear though- you can pay as little or as much as you want for the digital version at their bandcamp. The standout track on the album is easily “Hammer Down,” and you can check out the video for it below.

Image via Brooklyn Vegan

Image via Brooklyn Vegan

Local Infinity Cat flagship band JEFF the Brotherhood got some blog love from Brooklyn Vegan today, and the pics are actually from a house show they played in Nashville on Oct. 13th. Turns out their photographer Paul Birman happened to be in town that day. Their new album Heavy Days is out now. They’re also playing a plethora of shows this week/weekend in NYC for the CMJ festival.

If you read this blog there’s a good chance you’ve already seen this Nashville Cream post, but I must mention the hilarity of the comments/jokes about a new restaurant called Pitchfork in Chicago. This is the restaurant’s website, so I haven’t a clue if it has anything to do with the music website we all love to hate… but it’s hilarious nonetheless. Just make sure you read the Cream comments, and props to Dave Paulson for winning best comment/zinger on Idolator.

Speaking of the Cream, they’ve teamed up with LimeWire to create a special Nashville edition of LimeWire’s “Ear To The Ground” series. It’s got all kinds of great local goodness spanning from How I Became the Bomb to Caitlin Rose to Jensen Sportag. Best of all: it’s FREE.

And The Relatives are the latest local band to join the ranks of Theory 8 Records, and their forthcoming release (apparently yet-to-be-titled) will be a joint effort between Theory 8 and yk records, one of many side projects for local web guru Yewknee. yk will be handling the artwork and packaging, while Theory 8 handles marketing and distribution. That’s a winning combination if I’ve ever seen one. Be sure to grab their last EP Animals for free at their Bandcamp. Read the official press release here.

As if his ugly tower-mansion/bar/travesty on Love Circle wasn’t bad enough, Nashville’s greatest embarrassment, John Rich, is reproducing. The kid’s name? Cash. Not that there’s anything wrong with having Cash as a first name, but his name will be Cash Rich. I feel so sorry for that child. Maybe his middle name is something he can go by and not be hated/made fun of in school. (Via Nashvillest)