A Few Good Shows: 8/5/11

August 5, 2011

This week’s A Few Good Shows is looking pretty sharp.


Lylas, Ancient Ocean, and William Tyler @ The Groove (instore performance). 5:30pm/FREE

Kurt Vile & The Violators w/ True Widow and The Clutters @ Mercy Lounge. 9pm $10 ($12 at door)

Diarrhea Planet, Quichenight, Richie, and Bummer @ The Parsonage. 8pm $5  According to Lance Conzett’s comment on the Cream, “the DP show at The Parsonage apparently isn’t happening anymore due to complaints from the church across the street from the house. Or something. I’m not entirely clear on the situation but it sounds like they can’t have shows there anymore.”


Frank The Fuck Out w/ Reid Magette and Bummer @ Springwater. 10pm $5 (No, FTFO is not making a comback, it just happens that the member who moved out of town is back in town for a hot minute, so the dudes decided to play a show.)

The Decemberists w/ Caitlin Rose @ The Ryman. This one is sold out but I had to mention it Nashville’s our lovely own Caitlin Rose is playing her first official Ryman show! Go Caitlin! I’m sure there are many more appearances at the Mother Church in her future.

Have a great weekend!

I’m terrible at naming things. But, I finally came up with a good name for these weekly “here are some good shows to see this weekend” posts: A Few Good Shows. So, from now on Friday posts will be that. But before we get to the show recommendations, I have to mention that yesterday NBN’s Soundland announced several additions to their lineup this year: Yelawolf, Big K.R.I.T., Foster the People, Tristen, Those Darlins, Cults, The Low Anthem, Royal Bangs, Robert Ellis, My So-Called Band, Evan P. Donohue, and many more. Check out their official (and slightly re-designed) website for the full lineup.

Here’s what’s going down this weekend:


Evan P. Donohue, Little Tybee @ The End. 9pm $6. I’m sure there are more bands on this bill but I can’t find the full lineup anywhere. Be surprised!

Hammer Torch, Jasmin Kaset, Coconut Patio @ FooBar too. 9pm $?


The final show at Glen Danzig’s House ft. Cy Barkley & the Way Outsider, Cannomen, Bad Sports, Wax Museums, D. Watusi, and The Paperhead. 7pm $5. Yep, one the most legendary house venues in Nashville is closing its doors. (Read: Cy and Ben are moving out.) But never fear, these things happen, and there will be another “frontrunner” in the house venue scene soon. A good punk venue has to be like a good punk song you know? It says what it needs to say and nothing more, then it’s over. On to the next song.

Dex Romweber Duo, Kingston Springs, and Wans @ The End. 9pm $10

Have a great weekend!

My friend and former bandmate Seth Graves just keeps crankin’ out rad music videos. His latest is probably his best work to date, and it’s for local garage-punkers Bad Cop. This is a music video as it should be- its own work of art. (Make sure you watch in full HD!)

In other Nashville music news, I recommend checking out the two demos from a brand new band called Chrome Pony. All I know about them is that drummer extraordinaire Jerry Pentecost is involved (I’m assuming on drums, but he’s a talented dude and might play something else). These two songs are both quite infectious, and dare I say “Rock N Roll” is capable of being the anthem of the summer for Nashville indie rock. They’re playing a surprise last-minute house show this Wednesday at a new-ish house venue called The Parsonage with Diarrhea Planet, Big Surr, and ri¢hie. ri¢hie is a new project from Richie Kirkpatrick of Ghostfinger. Details can be found at the facebook event here.

Happy Monday.

First of all, I must espouse how amazing last night’s Chromeo show + afterparty was. Oh. My. God. Of course it could never top seeing them with Daryl Hall (and his silvery flowing mane blown by TWO leaf blowers) at Bonnaroo this year, but still, last night was fucking heaven. I must congratulate How I Became the Bomb for BOTH of their amazing sets of Hall & Oates covers. I saw both and was blown away. Russell Hanberry (their moustachioed guitarist) had clearly been analyzing every John Oates dance move from the H&O music videos, because had that shit down. Chromeo’s set was of course amazing, and after going through my pics, which can be seen at the Cream (review will be up sometime later today), I have developed a bit of a man-crush on Dave Macklovitch. Especially after briefly meeting him backstage after the afterparty with HIBTB. Watching Jon Burr throw down some good convo with one of his favorite bands of all time was pretty… endearing? Awesome, definitely.

Now for the good stuff:

I apologize to other bands with shows this weekend, but I must do a bit of shameless self-promotion here. My band Powerbrrrd has two shows this weekend, and you should definitely come to at least one of them.

TONIGHT: We are playing at the End with Diarrhea Planet, Lewd Minx, and the Dirty Streets (from Memphis). It’s only $5 and we promise you a good time. The bands we are playing with are rad, especially Diarrhea Planet… seriously they’re one of the funnest live shows in town. You don’t wanna miss this!

SATURDAY NIGHT: We are playing a house show at 1805 Rosebank Ave., east Nashville. Spanish Candles and Frank the Fuck Out round out the bill, and they’re both perfect house show bands. Rowdy party punk in the best way possible. I will be doing a DJ set as BURGERS following the bands, and after last night, there will doubt be a few Chromeo tracks/remixes in there. There’s a $5 cover that gets you in, and all the beer you can drink because we have 2 kegs to float! Be sure to park along the road, in the proper direction, and don’t get wasted and act like a dumbass in the front yard because that shit pisses off neighbors and gets the cops called. Don’t be a douche.

Please do come out to one of these shows! You won’t regret it.

Currently listening: the Coathangers album Scramble. I’m only a few songs into it upon posting, but it’s interesting to say the least. A bit bizarre at times, but decidedly lo-fi and sassy. You can get the whole album for free at Suicide Squeeze records until March 14th. I saw them at the Basement a year or two ago, and their live show is an essential component to their overall appeal. Thus, go see them live next time you get a chance. They’re from Atlanta, so I don’t see why they wouldn’t be hitting up Nashville within the next year or so. (Via Largehearted Boy)

There are several bigger shows happening this weekend, and you can read all about them at the Cream, but I’m going to focus on The Freakin’ Weekend, a mini-festival of house-shows (except for Sunday which is at Betty’s) put on by Nashville’s Dead.

Friday: Kickoff party at The Jungle (aka Sweetbriar House) feat. Ben Steine’s Money, Larry David & The Hipsters, special guests. FREE, all ages, 8pm.

Saturday: Night two at Glen Danzig’s House feat. The Beets, Ex Humans, Terrible Twos, Beach Fossils, Peacekillers, Natural Child, The Looking Glass. All for a mere $5. All ages, starts at 7pm.

Sunday: Night three at Betty’s Bar & Grill feat. Sisters, Grooms, Coasting, Videohippos, Lesser Alvarez Gonzalez, Daniel Pujol, So Jazzy. 21+, starts at 8pm. (I assume there’s a cover, but ND doesn’t say)

Here’s to the parties not getting busted up by the cops!

Image via Brooklyn Vegan

Image via Brooklyn Vegan

Local Infinity Cat flagship band JEFF the Brotherhood got some blog love from Brooklyn Vegan today, and the pics are actually from a house show they played in Nashville on Oct. 13th. Turns out their photographer Paul Birman happened to be in town that day. Their new album Heavy Days is out now. They’re also playing a plethora of shows this week/weekend in NYC for the CMJ festival.

If you read this blog there’s a good chance you’ve already seen this Nashville Cream post, but I must mention the hilarity of the comments/jokes about a new restaurant called Pitchfork in Chicago. This is the restaurant’s website, so I haven’t a clue if it has anything to do with the music website we all love to hate… but it’s hilarious nonetheless. Just make sure you read the Cream comments, and props to Dave Paulson for winning best comment/zinger on Idolator.

Speaking of the Cream, they’ve teamed up with LimeWire to create a special Nashville edition of LimeWire’s “Ear To The Ground” series. It’s got all kinds of great local goodness spanning from How I Became the Bomb to Caitlin Rose to Jensen Sportag. Best of all: it’s FREE.

And The Relatives are the latest local band to join the ranks of Theory 8 Records, and their forthcoming release (apparently yet-to-be-titled) will be a joint effort between Theory 8 and yk records, one of many side projects for local web guru Yewknee. yk will be handling the artwork and packaging, while Theory 8 handles marketing and distribution. That’s a winning combination if I’ve ever seen one. Be sure to grab their last EP Animals for free at their Bandcamp. Read the official press release here.

As if his ugly tower-mansion/bar/travesty on Love Circle wasn’t bad enough, Nashville’s greatest embarrassment, John Rich, is reproducing. The kid’s name? Cash. Not that there’s anything wrong with having Cash as a first name, but his name will be Cash Rich. I feel so sorry for that child. Maybe his middle name is something he can go by and not be hated/made fun of in school. (Via Nashvillest)

Benjamin Harper (no, not that Ben Harper) has been a friend of mine for many years now, and I’ve followed his musical involvement even longer than that- ever since I first saw Feable Weiner in Murfreesboro in my early college years. He was their bass player at the time, but left the band in 2003 (2004 maybe?) to pursue his own band, then called The Comfies. He immediately changed the name to Harper and they started playing shows, but soon thereafter he ran into copyright issues with the more famous Ben Harper, and changed the name back to The Comfies. They released an EP titled Close To Me about 2 years ago, but have been somewhat dormant since. Now that’s changing as he’s releasing the 2nd Comfies EP, which is really more of a solo effort from what I can tell. (He played most of the instruments on the recordings.) It’s called The Comfies Present: Benjamin A. Harper in This Ship Is Going Down, and you can grab it now (for however much you want to pay, no less) at their Bandcamp profile. According to his myspace it’s the 1st in a series of 3 new EPs. His songs have sunny, Kinks-y vibe infused with a good dose of pure power pop that will make this EP the perfect soundtrack for your summer. Hopefully he’ll get their older EP up on there soon, too. Be sure to check out the EP release show on July 17th at the End, and the in-store show at Grimey’s on July 16th.

I’m sufficiently recovered from Bonnaroo, so here’s what I’m doing/what’s going down this weekend: Tonight I’m photographing Fleetwood Mac at the Sommet Center, but after that I’ll be heading over to the Exit/In for a Planned Parenthood benefit featuring some good underground Hip Hop and hosted by none other than Big Fella. Yes, the Features are also playing at Mercy Lounge with Black Hollies and the Howlies, but I just saw them at Bonnaroo… and Planned Parenthood is a good cause.

Saturday night I have to shamelessly plug my own band’s show before anything else. TCQ is playing a house show at the Zombie Mansion with The Tits, And The Relatives, and Team Illuminati. There will also be a very special secret guest. Address is 7023 Charlotte Pike, and it will start around 9pm. This will be the final show at this house… at least under the current residents. The show is being put on by Scenario Entertainment. Also going down Saturday night- Shoot the Mountain and Heypenny at Mercy Lounge. These shows may or may not be connected in a very special secret way.

Have a great weekend!