Obviously the big story today is that the 4th BFF (featuring myself and Fan Fiction DJing) is happening tonight at Mad Donna’s! This month we’ve decided to add beer specials to the mix, but the bar hasn’t told me what they’ll be yet. But get there before midnight to take advantage of that. Oh, and this time we have a fog machine to enhance your dancing experience. Mad Donna’s is on the east side, just a blog past 5-points on Woodland. It’s at the corner of Woodland & 14th St. across from Lipstick Lounge. In case you missed my last post, be sure to download my latest mix- the Burgers Winter 09 MIXXXX. For a tracklisting see my last post. And for a sampling of Fan Fiction’s style, just check his awesome music blog Nashville Nights. For even more info on this and more BFF’s in the future, join our Facebook group!

If you’re not feeling the east side, or not feeling the dancing vibe, my band Powerbrrrd is also playing Matt Friction’s Christmas on the Block show at Exit/In tonight. We’ll be on 2nd in a pretty awesome lineup of your favorite local bands playing Christmas tunes. But obviously I’ll be speeding over to Mad Donna’s right after we play to do BFF.

It should also be noted that Jeremy Ferguson, who runs the Battletapes recording studio, has posted his 4th “Battle Pod” podcast. It features some lovely Christmas covers by Lylas, Tristen, Jonas Stein (from Turbo Fruits), and others. Go grab it now.

Other weekend stuff:

Saturday: Holly House Winter Formal @ Mercy Lounge. This show will feature Tristen, Caitlin Rose, Eureka Gold, Shoot the Mountain, Non-Commissioned Officers, and more, all playing in each other’s bands covering various Christmas songs and whatnot. I’ll be doing a photobooth, and it’s part of Mercy’s 2nd annual “Winter of Dreamz” sponsored by Sweetwater. Oh, and there’s an indoor snow machine…

By then I’ll be so tired I won’t care anymore, so that’s it for this weekend.

Image Via Here On The Road

The small but very active local music collective known as Holly House recently participated in a project with American Songwriter Magazine called “On My Deathbed.” The gear contest asks a band or artist to pick the last song they’d want to hear if they were on their deathbed. Morbid, I know… but the results are pretty phenomenal. Each band/artist learned the song they chose and recorded them in Eli Beaird’s basement in a 7 hour session. Please head over the HH website and grab these free tracks. You won’t regret it. And The Relatives did Townes Van Zandt’s Be Here to Love Me, Caitlin Rose did Jimmie Davis’ You Are My Sunshine, Shoot The Mountain did Neutral Milk Hotel’s In An Aeroplane Over The Sea, Eureka Gold did The Kinks’ I Go to Sleep, and Tristen did Skeeter Davis’ On and On and On.

If you know me, then you know that Weezer basically saved my life as a teenager. I learned to play guitar by learning most of Blue and Pinkerton. Nerds everywhere owe their recent rise in popularity to Rivers Cuomo. Everyone also knows that everything they’ve done since Pinkerton has been an uncontrollable downward spiral. Amidst the ridiculous album cover and the even more ridiculous collaborations, their new album Raditude has some respectable songs in its tracklist. If Weezer lost 100 points with me over the past 4 albums, they’ve gained about 10 of them back with this album…. perhaps it’s the fact that they utilized the skills of a few outside songwriters. Oddly enough, the lead single (If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To is actually my favorite track. I found the A.V. Club’s review to agree almost 100% with my sentiments about the album.

You’ve probably already read about Heypenny’s Q&A session with the UK music magazine Q at the Nashville Cream by now (if not, check it out now), but I just want to point out how awesome it is that they talked so highly of our non-country music scene. Ben Elkins really went out of his way to cram as much praise as he could into the space he had, and I think that’s totally rad. I’ll be totally honest, they aren’t my favorite local band, but they’re damn good at what they do and they’re also damn good at being a positive force in a scene that can sometimes seem so snarky and apathetic that it may just self-implode. When I read stuff like this, I’m re-assured that’s never going to happen.

And The Relatives, a local indie rock trio featuring my friend and fellow Scene contributor Patrick Rodgers on drums, have released their first proper EP “Animals.” Their EP release show was this past friday at the 5 Spot, but I was unable to attend due to a huge conference at work. I highly recommend checking them out this thurs. Nov. 20th (I may be there- it’s my birthday afterall) at the End with The Ettes, The Howlies, and Mean Tambourines. For a couple of free mp3’s, head over to Out The Other. They are part of a new collective of bands/artists known as Holly House. I’ve heard this name a few times over the past year or so, and recently I checked out their website to find that they have quite a lineup of bands associated with them. They seem to be onto something good here- a collective of bands just trying to make good music and help each other out with booking, etc… Basically it’s like Movement Nashville, but not so focused on the commercial/business aspect. The artists/bands associated with MN are very commercial sounding (and sometimes acting), and I think that leaves a bad taste in many mouths amongst local bands who really just want to make good music, regardless of the commercial appeal. I have nothing against a band trying to make a little money doing what they love, but sometimes it’s just too blatantly obvious that they’re making their art fit into a certain formulaic mold, at which point I usually say “no thanks.”

This is slightly old news by now, but the Space Shuttle Endeavour blasted off from Kennedy Space Center Friday night at 7:55pm EST and successfully docked with the International Space Station at 5:01pm EST Sunday. You can watch live footage from the mission at NASA TV. While we’re talking about NASA, there’s a little speculation about the future of NASA under the new Obama Administration. Current NASA Administrator Michael Griffin has said that he will stick around only if Obama wants to keep things going steady on the current course of developing the new Constellation program, and retiring the Shuttle in 2010. For more info see the full story at Universe Today.

Some random links:
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And finally I’ll leave you with this bit of inspiration, thanks to the Holly House website: