Combined science/music post today. Not much time….

A meteorite about the size of a fist crashed through the roof of a doctor’s office in Virginia on monday. Reports say that it was traveling about 220 MPH when it hit the roof. There’s a common misconception that all meteorites hit the ground as a fireball and cause a crater. The truth is only the really big ones, about car-size and up, actually have enough inertia to keep up those kinds of speeds all the way to the ground. The smaller ones that reach the ground have long since been slowed by the friction of the atmosphere, and usually hit at speeds anywhere from 100 to 300 mph, depending on the size and weight. I don’t want to spend much time on this so go here or here for more info.

Now for the music.

I mentioned a while back that beloved Nashville scrap-punkers Meemaw decided to end their hiatus. Well, the time has come! It all goes down tonight at The End, along with Marj!, So Jazzy, and JEFF the Brotherhood. I don’t really know if you can quite call it an interview, but please do check out this gem of a video segment of them talking/playing a new song/goofing off over at Nashville’s Dead. Good times.

Unfortunately this had to happen the same night as a ton of other good stuff in town.

One of the aforementioned other things is the special edition of Happy Valley at the Cannery Ballroom, where I will be running the Generation Domination photobooth. It’s part of Mercy Lounge’s 7-year anniversary party, but unlike the other show upstairs, it will cost a meager $5 to get into. The FREE show upstairs will consist of The Non-commissioned Officers, The Ettes, De Novo Dahl, Apollo Up, and the two secret guests have now been revealed- The Features and Turbo Fruits. That has to be the most amazing lineup of local rock I’ve seen in a long time.

On Saturday Mercy is once again the place to be, as the last day of their week of free shows consists of Space Capone, How I Became the Bomb, Heypenny, Madi Diaz, Tallest Trees, and Armed Forces. This amazing lineup will be followed by the return of BFF, featuring yours truly and Fan Fiction of Nashville Nights on the decks, and we promise to keep your butt on the dancefloor till the wee hours.

In case you missed the memo, BFF was a weekly dance party held by me (Burgers) and Joseph (Fan Fiction) at Mad Donna’s in east Nashville. That location turned out to be not quite right for what we were trying to do, so instead of keeping BFF as a monthly staple, we decided to just let it be the branding we use whenever/wherever we spin together. There are two upcoming BFF-related events, the first of which I just mentioned, and the other is Feb. 5th at La Paz. More details are in the pipeline about that, but I’ll say now that it’s probably going to be the official afterparty for the Features’/Cortney Tidwell/Majestico show which just a block away at Exit/In. It’s gonna be a blast y’all.

Have a great weekend!

Image Via Here On The Road

The small but very active local music collective known as Holly House recently participated in a project with American Songwriter Magazine called “On My Deathbed.” The gear contest asks a band or artist to pick the last song they’d want to hear if they were on their deathbed. Morbid, I know… but the results are pretty phenomenal. Each band/artist learned the song they chose and recorded them in Eli Beaird’s basement in a 7 hour session. Please head over the HH website and grab these free tracks. You won’t regret it. And The Relatives did Townes Van Zandt’s Be Here to Love Me, Caitlin Rose did Jimmie Davis’ You Are My Sunshine, Shoot The Mountain did Neutral Milk Hotel’s In An Aeroplane Over The Sea, Eureka Gold did The Kinks’ I Go to Sleep, and Tristen did Skeeter Davis’ On and On and On.

If you know me, then you know that Weezer basically saved my life as a teenager. I learned to play guitar by learning most of Blue and Pinkerton. Nerds everywhere owe their recent rise in popularity to Rivers Cuomo. Everyone also knows that everything they’ve done since Pinkerton has been an uncontrollable downward spiral. Amidst the ridiculous album cover and the even more ridiculous collaborations, their new album Raditude has some respectable songs in its tracklist. If Weezer lost 100 points with me over the past 4 albums, they’ve gained about 10 of them back with this album…. perhaps it’s the fact that they utilized the skills of a few outside songwriters. Oddly enough, the lead single (If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To is actually my favorite track. I found the A.V. Club’s review to agree almost 100% with my sentiments about the album.

You’ve probably already read about Heypenny’s Q&A session with the UK music magazine Q at the Nashville Cream by now (if not, check it out now), but I just want to point out how awesome it is that they talked so highly of our non-country music scene. Ben Elkins really went out of his way to cram as much praise as he could into the space he had, and I think that’s totally rad. I’ll be totally honest, they aren’t my favorite local band, but they’re damn good at what they do and they’re also damn good at being a positive force in a scene that can sometimes seem so snarky and apathetic that it may just self-implode. When I read stuff like this, I’m re-assured that’s never going to happen.

So Heypenny was the final band to win the “Road to Bonnaroo” series at Mercy Lounge last night. I’m sure you’ve already read this in 5 different places by now. What’s interesting is the apparent bitterness about the whole thing as evidenced by the commentary at the Nashville Cream thread. As I say in my comment, I don’t really see how their gimmick/flair is any different from that of the Protomen… or De Novo Dahl for that matter. It’s really just a good marriage of the right image/branding with their music. The pastel marching outfits and slightly theatrical stage presence compliments their sound well. They certainly aren’t my new favorite band or anything (last night was the first time I’d seen them), but I don’t think their winning was in any way tragic or unjustified. Honestly I think every single band that played last night deserved to go to Bonnaroo. Well… I have my hesitations about Elle Macho. They’re all great musicians in their own right, but there’s absolutely nothing memorable or interesting about their songs in my opinion. I’m just really REALLY happy that the promoters of Bonnaroo were awesome enough to do this, and I sincerely hope it becomes a yearly tradition. Kudos to A.C. Entertainment and Superfly Productions.

Good news from the Obama Administration on the environmental front- by 2016 all new vehicles will be required to have an average of 35.5 MPG. I take this to mean that each car company’s fleet will have to average 35.5 MPG. This is great news, as hopefully it will quell some states’ desires to set their own, higher fuel economy standards. I think there should be one federal standard because it will make it easier for the car companies to comply. Why make it more complicated than it needs to be? The only catch is that the federal standard has to be high. I think 35.5 will do for now, though. Via Live Science.

The STS-125 astronauts released Hubble this morning and are now drifting away from it while doing more inspections of Atlantis’ heat shield. Keep up to speed at NASA TV.

I don’t know whether to be happy or depressed about the new Sherlock Holmes movie. It stars Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law… so it can’t be that bad. But still… one must be careful when doing re-makes these days as so many of them turn out to be horrible. The trailer in HD: