Official performers of the Makeout With Violence Soundtrack and first 2010 Road to Bonnaroo winners The Non-Commissioned Officers did 3 songs for the awesome Lake Fever Sessions. They’re up now, so go have a watch. It’s reaaaal good.

I’m officially even more excited about the upcoming movie Predators, produced by Robert Rodriguez/directed by Nimrod Antal, now that I’ve seen the 2-minute clip on the official website. It’s not a trailer (apparently that’s hitting the web this Thur.), but it does have some footage and commentary from Mr. Rodriguez himself. The fact that they’re well aware they’d never top the tough-guy role of Arnold in the first one is heartening, and is the main reason I’m actually looking forward to it. Apparently SXSW Film had a special feature/sneak-peek party for the film last night:

I’m officially older than the internet, because the first .com celebrated its 25th birthday today. In 1985 Symbolics Computer Company registered the first official .com domain. (Via Live Science)

According to my bandmate Seth my hypothetical bloghouse/power pop side project should be called + (pronounced Cross). In a blog post on Nashville Cream about side projects he mentions several hilarious hypothetical Nashville side projects…

With that I submit that this may be my last blog post until after SXSW. We’re heading down tomorrow night, and unless I discover something that absolutely must be blogged, you probably won’t hear from me until at least the 22nd, probably more like the 23rd or 24th. Who knows, maybe I’ll find a spare minute to post a few random pics while I’m down there, but it’s not likely. Be sure to keep up with the Cream for my pics and updates from Adam Gold, Seth Graves, and Patrick Rodgers.

And, never forget:

Today will be short and sweet. I mainly just wanted to point out a couple of Nashville bands/artists who got some major blog love today:

First up, You Ain’t No Picasso posted a demo of a new song by Caitlin Rose along with a short account of their interactions at Monolith. The track is “Song for Rabbits” and I suggest you nab it while you’re there. It’s a great song in 6/8 that has very little of the country twang present in most of her songs released thus far, and shows her ability to adapt her voice to just about any style and feel.

Secondly, our own Turbo Fruits got a mention and track posted over at RCRD LBL. Too bad that I’ll be in Portland, OR the weekend they come through Nashville on tour with Monotonix at Exit/In. I’m also looking forward to hearing the rest of the album. Two more free tracks can be found at their bandcamp.

I love beer. In the past 3 years or so I’ve also developed a much more discerning taste in beers as well. That’s why I’ve started brewing it myself. Rarely do I come across a beer that I really just want to tell the whole world about. But this past Saturday Megan and I hopped over to 12th South Taproom for some brews, and I decided to try New Belgium’s seasonal Hoptober. I was smitten. Since New Belgium has just recently started shipping their beer to this area I haven’t tried many of their styles, but that’s going to change. I absolutely love this beer! It’s not near as caramel-y as a normal Marzen/Oktoberfest but the malts are still very present and give it a medium body. The story here, though, is the quintuplet of hops used. Despite being a definite “hoppy” beer, Hoptoberfest only has an IBU of 40, so most would not classify it as an extremely “bitter” beer such as an IPA or Imperial Stout. The bitterness is very pleasant and sits lightly on your tongue while the aroma hops really shine through. Go grab a 6-pack- they’re at most grocery stores. But the best experience is on tap, in opinion. The smell and taste of this beer combine to basically give you a mouthgasm.

On completely different note, I’m glad to see that the Predator franchise has a new film coming down the pipe next year. Robert Rodriguez did a script for a sequel to the original Predator movie that never was used and now 15 years later, with some minor revisions, it’s finally being used. The film will be directed by Nimrod Antal. Of all the creatures/monsters I’ve seen, none will ever top The Predator. This thing has the ugliest, most terrifying face I’ve ever seen and I fucking love it. BAD. ASS. It’s pure mindless, testosterone-driven entertainment. Total guilty pleasure. And according to i09, this is just “the ‘shoot ’em up, chase and fight’ movie that belongs in the Predator franchise.” YES. I mean, just look at this thing:

predatorAdorable, isn’t it?