Wow, this weekend has a lot to offer in the way of good music to see. That’s partially because a lot of bands are gearing up to head to Austin next week for SXSW, but hey, we’ll take it. Here’s a quick rundown:


The Non-Commissioned Officers album release show w/ Cortney Tidwell and Kyle Andrews @ Mercy Lounge. 9pm $12 to get CD, $7 w/out CD. Stream their entire new album on their facebook page.

JEFF the Brotherhood w/ King Tuff and Diarrhea Planet @ The Other Basement. $5 all ages, 8pm. For a free King Tuff mp3, check out Nashville’s Dead.

The Clutters, Slick, Dirtbot, the Black Faces @ the 5 Spot, 9pm $5.


Duh. Come to La Paz for La Paz Late Night presents: ROBO BOOGIE. As I said yesterday, it’s $2 w/ robot outfit, $3 w/out, and Potamus, Vitalic Noise & I will be spinning 80s and other robo-tastic jams all night.


Space Capone w/ Floorwalkers @ Mercy Lounge. 9pm, $10

A few other news tidbits in the music world:

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart now have their Flood-produced, Smashing Pumpkins-esque new album Belong streaming at their website. I haven’t listened to it yet as I’m glued to the news at the moment, but I’m cautiously optimistic.

Tristen’s video for the song “Baby Drugs” debuted on Rolling Stone yesterday. Seriously, go watch it. (Via Nashville Cream)

Pains of Being Pure at Heart @ SXSW 2009

I’ve been a solid fan of the Pains of Being Pure at Heart ever since they burst onto the scene in late 2008/early 2009. I was pretty amazed when I read this article on Stereogum reporting that they’ve finished up their 2nd full-length with none other than Flood behind the faders. Knowing that a producer who was behind such huge massive sounds as U2, Depeche Mode, Smashing Pumpkins, etc… was working with POBPAH initially scared the hell out of me. Adam Gold of the Nashville Scene/Cream once told me “they rock about as hard as a cupcake” referring to POBPAH. And honestly that’s a pretty accurate statement, but I’m actually fond of several “cupcake” bands, so that is (in some ways) a very good thing in my mind. Such a “big sound” production style would certainly spell doom for the tenderness and teenage awkwardness that is part of the reason I loved their debut album so much. At least that was my initial reaction. The quotes in the article, however, quelled most of my pessimism about this second album. Quotes like “the loud parts are louder and the quieter parts are quieter — with a lot more variation between the two” really make me feel like Flood didn’t just come crashing through the walls and lay down the law while POBPAH cowered in the corner. The band actually developed a “good push-and-pull with him” and believes that he actually learned as much from them as they did from him. To me, a big part of what made their debut so good was the way it was mixed, and most specifically the guitar sounds. Honestly there were a few moments where I found myself wanting the guitar parts to come through a little clearer; that they were a little too awash in fuzz and re-verb. So when I read that they were going for “a guitar sound that hit you in the chest.” I’m all about that. So with slight hesitation, I look forward to hearing this new album. As I’ve said all along, I really think this band has some staying power.

A few random other notes:

Congrats to everyone involved with Make-Out With Violence, the locally shot and produced feature film is now officially out on DVD and On Demand. I mentioned before they’d finally found a distribution home with Factory 25, but now you can actually go order a copy for yourself. Go forth and buy! These dudes sunk a lot of their own cash into this movie and worked tirelessly for years- they deserve it! (Via Nashville Cream)

Just watch this amazing feat of choreography and lighting that happened in NYC for the Target 2010 fall fashion spectacular. Mind=blown. (Via Vitalic Noise)

Before I list this weekend’s Nashville show offerings, there are a few newsy-bits that need to be shared:

Caitlin Rose stopped by the Daytrotter studio recently to record a lovely live session. Go grab the mp3’s here… the free ones are an ugly 128 kb/s in quality, but for a measly $4 you can get the high quality version. I still haven’t heard an official release date for her album (which was recently completed), but it should be this coming fall/winter. (Via Yewknee via Hartley)

Some other big news from the Hartley camp- De Novo Dahl’s new album Tigerlion is officially out, and you can get it at their bandcamp for whatever price you wish to pay. They celebrate the release tonight at Mercy Lounge. (More on that below.)

Brooklynvegan is a bit behind on their coverage of Nikkin Darlin’s injury, but I mention the post because they included a pretty cool short documentary video about them that was shot during this year’s SXSW. Check it:

Now for this weekend’s plethora of show offerings…


As I mentioned above, tonight is the release party for De Novo Dahl’s new album Tigerlion. It’s at Mercy Lounge, they’ve enlisted the help of How Cozy!, Tallest Trees, and Fly Golden Eagle. The show’s proceeds will benefit Ms. Candice Burnside, who you’ll know if you ever frequented Grimey’s New & Preloved Music over the past few years. She’s currently battling breast cancer (which as I understand, she’s all but won).

There’s a pretty kickass house show happening tonight in east Nashville- the Non-Commissioned Officers, Tristen, and the Whole Fantastic World. More info on the facebook event.

I must also mention that tonight is the 2-year birthday of Happy Valley, taking place at the Cannery Ballroom. Jim O’Shea and the staff of Cannery Ballroom have put their heads together to create a light show/atmosphere that will surely blow your mind. DJ’s are Coach, Mindub, Sanchez & the Shockers, Ducko, and Hands off Sam. I also hear that a certain hat wearin’, trash talkin’, Dime managin’, former oil tycoon will be there….


There’s yet another benefit for Candice Burnside happening on Saturday, this time at the Exit/In, with none other than the Features, Cortney Tidwell, and a re-united (with a slightly different lineup) Hotpipes. There will also be DJs between bands: Sean Maloney (as LWWS LRRRGNT), Curse of the Drinking Class, and yours truly (Burgers). Facebook event here.

The other big show for Saturday is the Moustache May closing party at Mercy Lounge. Michael Eades has put together a great lineup for this one: The Whole New Usuals, Tristen, Shaboi, Roy Ira, and Uncle Skeleton. The big story here is Uncle Skeleton, the (formerly) side project of Ross Wariner of Kindercastle fame. Ross put out his debut album Pancho Chumley last year under the Uncle Skeleton moniker, and now the follow-up Warm Under the Covers will be unofficially released at this show. I say unofficially because Mr. Eades (whose label YK Records is handling the album) said “Sadly, the vinyl version will not be available in time for the release so I’m not making it official official until that time.”

I must also mention now, since it’s Memorial Day weekend, that this coming Monday, May 31st is my next 8 off 8th. It’s actually 7 off 8th, but that’s because it’s the official afterparty of the Rock & Roll Trivia 1-year anniversary, which is happening earlier that night and may run a little later than usual due to the festivities. The lineup is (in no particular order): The Whole Fantastic World, Bad Cop, Powerbrrrd, How Cozy!, Evan P. Donohue, Zut Alors, and Kingston Springs. As always, it’s FREE and is 21+. They also have $2.50 Yuenglings. Flyer (links to facebook event):

Official performers of the Makeout With Violence Soundtrack and first 2010 Road to Bonnaroo winners The Non-Commissioned Officers did 3 songs for the awesome Lake Fever Sessions. They’re up now, so go have a watch. It’s reaaaal good.

I’m officially even more excited about the upcoming movie Predators, produced by Robert Rodriguez/directed by Nimrod Antal, now that I’ve seen the 2-minute clip on the official website. It’s not a trailer (apparently that’s hitting the web this Thur.), but it does have some footage and commentary from Mr. Rodriguez himself. The fact that they’re well aware they’d never top the tough-guy role of Arnold in the first one is heartening, and is the main reason I’m actually looking forward to it. Apparently SXSW Film had a special feature/sneak-peek party for the film last night:

I’m officially older than the internet, because the first .com celebrated its 25th birthday today. In 1985 Symbolics Computer Company registered the first official .com domain. (Via Live Science)

According to my bandmate Seth my hypothetical bloghouse/power pop side project should be called + (pronounced Cross). In a blog post on Nashville Cream about side projects he mentions several hilarious hypothetical Nashville side projects…

With that I submit that this may be my last blog post until after SXSW. We’re heading down tomorrow night, and unless I discover something that absolutely must be blogged, you probably won’t hear from me until at least the 22nd, probably more like the 23rd or 24th. Who knows, maybe I’ll find a spare minute to post a few random pics while I’m down there, but it’s not likely. Be sure to keep up with the Cream for my pics and updates from Adam Gold, Seth Graves, and Patrick Rodgers.

And, never forget:

The Non-Commissioned Officers will be playing at Bonnaroo this summer as they are the winners of the first Road to Bonnaroo series. The twitter-verse was abuzz this morning with retweets galore about the news. Look for my photos on the Nashville Cream later this morning. I have to say I had a hard time choosing between the Non-Comms and The Privates, and my ballot choice shall remain a mystery.

It must be pointed out that Nashville’s own jam-band superstars Moon Taxi were on this bill. It must also be pointed out that they probably put more effort into preparing for this show than any other band on the bill. They had their own special moving lights, as well as some really cool glowstick outfits. While that kind of effort and showmanship is great, it has to be backed up by GOOD SONGS. There has never been a jam-band that could write good songs. There will never be a jam-band that can write good songs because that’s part of what makes them a jam-band. Their songs all sound the fucking same because they pointlessly noodle around on guitar solos for hours on end. Ultimately that’s why the judges vote counts 50% of the score at this event- because the judges can see through the flashy lights and understand that there’s a major core component that’s missing in Moon Taxi’s music- the SONG. I heard someone say “well, they’re the perfect band to play Bonnaroo…” NO THEY’RE NOT. THERE ARE ENOUGH FUCKING JAM-BANDS AT BONNAROO ALREADY.

It was quite clear that they did the best job of crowd-recruiting, however, and I’m fairly sure they won the crowd vote for that reason. (That’s also another reason judges count for 50% of the vote.) It was evident that they have an army of hippies ready and willing to execute their every command, and for that reason I recommend that the Scene and Mercy Lounge hire round-the-clock security, because the WRATH OF THE HIPPIES is soon to come. Specifically be on the lookout for patchouli smoke grenades and dreadlock-wax napalm.

Oh, and Born Empty probably still thinks Incubus is cool.